Welcome to the Open Abacus Competition!

The Abacus Competition is a highly anticipated annual event for students, teachers, and math enthusiasts. This competition is designed to challenge and reward participants of all ages with a unique blend of mathematical skills and problem-solving abilities.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the world of abacus calculation, the Abacus Competition is the perfect platform to showcase your abilities and compete against others from around the world.

Why Participate?

Participating in the Abacus Competition not only helps you hone your math skills, but it’s also an excellent opportunity to meet and connect with other like-minded individuals. In addition to the prestige of winning, participants will also receive certificates, prizes, and recognition for their achievements.

How to Participate

To participate in the Abacus Competition, simply register online and follow the instructions provided. The competition is open to individuals of all ages and nationalities, and participants can compete in either individual or group categories.


The Abacus Competition is divided into several categories, including:

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Each category offers different levels of challenge and rewards, so participants can choose the one that best suits their skills and abilities.

Dates and Venues

The Abacus Competition is held annually Online. The exact dates and venues will be announced on our website, so be sure to check back regularly for updates.

Get Ready to Compete

The Abacus Competition is an exciting event that brings together math enthusiasts from around the world. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just starting out, this is the perfect opportunity to showcase your skills and compete against others. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to participate in the Abacus Competition today!



Demo test 1st 5 are Winners

RankQuiz NameUserCorrect ScorePoint ScoreTime TakenAmount Correct
1Single Digit Demo CompetitionNandini thote10020 1 min 40 sec 487 ms20
2Single Digit Demo CompetitionIshanvi10021 2 min 17 sec 21
2Single Digit Demo CompetitionKaashvi Maheshwari10020 2 min 27 sec 20
4Single Digit Demo CompetitionKiara10020 2 min 59 sec 474 ms20
5Single Digit Demo CompetitionAahana kite10020 3 min 7 sec 462 ms20
6Single Digit Demo CompetitionAkshat Kabra10020 4 min 13 sec 222 ms20
7Single Digit Demo CompetitionDevansh10020 13 min 30 sec 20
7Single Digit Demo CompetitionRutuja10020 14 min 6 sec 20
8Single Digit Demo Competition9519 1 min 40 sec 19
10Single Digit Demo CompetitionKiara9519 1 min 45 sec 594 ms19
11Single Digit Demo CompetitionAkshat Kabra9519 2 min 7 sec 19
12Single Digit Demo CompetitionGranth9519 2 min 12 sec 160 ms19
13Single Digit Demo Competition9519 3 min 23 sec 266 ms19
14Single Digit Demo CompetitionPrachi Maheshwari9519 3 min 28 sec 623 ms19
15Single Digit Demo Competitionvani9519 4 min 5 sec 482 ms19
16Single Digit Demo CompetitionAatish sunil Chourasiya9519 4 min 32 sec 843 ms19
17Single Digit Demo CompetitionShreedhar Gawande9519 4 min 49 sec 642 ms19
18Single Digit Demo CompetitionKaashvi Maheshwari9018 1 min 39 sec 18
19Single Digit Demo CompetitionKiara9018 1 min 55 sec 857 ms18
20Single Digit Demo CompetitionAkshat Kabra9018 2 min 9 sec 18
21Single Digit Demo CompetitionGranth9018 2 min 19 sec 001 ms18
22Single Digit Demo CompetitionNidhi R Kakde9018 4 min 25 sec 225 ms18
23Single Digit Demo CompetitionAaradhya Amit Ingole9018 4 min 35 sec 407 ms18
24Single Digit Demo CompetitionArnav Taru9018 4 min 50 sec 471 ms18
25Single Digit Demo CompetitionKrisha9018 8 min 11 sec 18
25Single Digit Demo CompetitionRutuja9018 12 min 50 sec 18
26Single Digit Demo CompetitionNathaniel8517 4 min 33 sec 601 ms17
27Single Digit Demo CompetitionKaashvi Maheshwari8016 1 min 40 sec 16
29Single Digit Demo CompetitionManuraj7515 5 min 5 sec 773 ms15
30Single Digit Demo CompetitionNandini Thote7515 8 min 5 sec 286 ms15
31Single Digit Demo CompetitionManav Singhal7515 9 min 50 sec 380 ms15
32Single Digit Demo Competitionvivaan6513 5 min 22 sec 486 ms13
33Single Digit Demo CompetitionSonakshi kumari6012 4 min 47 sec 391 ms12
34Single Digit Demo CompetitionMaanya Sharma5511 6 min 52 sec 387 ms11
35Single Digit Demo CompetitionNandini thote255 2 min 39 sec 837 ms5
36Single Digit Demo CompetitionIshanvi41 33 sec 1
37Single Digit Demo CompetitionIshanvi00 38 sec 0
38Single Digit Demo Competition00 42 sec 260 ms0